3D Woman QuestionCoaching:  What is it?

Too many people these days have personal or business goals that they will never achieve.  Are you in that group of people?

Coaching is a fairly new profession that is helping thousands of people reach their goals.  My purpose here is to help you understand a little about coaching so that you can use those ideas to begin to turn your own goals into reality.

Coaching began about 20 years ago when CEOs of major corporations began to work with their business consultants in a new way.  The CEO and consultant would meet to develop the leadership skills of the CEO and soon discovered that, not only did coaching improve their leadership skills, it also benefited the bottom line of the company.  This boosted the value of coaching as a new profession.

A coach is:

  • a professional dedicated to helping people reach their personal potential.
  • highly trained in communication and motivation.
  • completely focused on helping an individual, or group, to reach their goals.
  • not a therapist.

Over the past 10 years, coaching has grown in popularity with the general public as well.  It is now well established both as a means of personal self improvement and as a way to improve small businesses.

 Why do you need it? 

There are many reasons people hire a coach and most of them focus on improving performance or well being. They might include:

  • solving business problems
  • learning a new skill
  • managing employees
  • becoming a leader
  • changing careers
  • becoming more assertive
  • achieving work-life balance
  • improving health/fitness
  • cleaning out clutter
  • being more productive
  • being a better parent
  • overcoming addiction
  • gaining confidence
  • overcoming a fear


What I want you to know

Having a coach has been shown to help people accelerate their achievement in many areas, and there are four main reasons for this success.

  1. A coach provides personal support  which is often lacking in today’s isolated, electronic world. As your coach, I am interested in your problems and accomplishments and want to dig in to help you position yourself for success. Together, we build a co-creative relationship, and it is a great confidence builder to know you have a partner traveling the path with you.

  2. Accountability is a major part of coaching. It is amazing how much you can get done when you know I will be asking about it. Not only do I ask about progress and action toward your goals, but I will also help analyze any difficulties and help you create and adapt plans to compensate. As your coach, I keep you on track, point out when you wander, and help you deal with the inevitable distractions.

  3. A coach helps you achieve success by providing clarity & boosting creativity. The old saying "two heads are better than one" is certainly true. This happens in several ways. I will help you get a very clear picture of your goal and the reasons it is important to achieve it. This is vital for true motivation. As your coach, I spark the process of generating options on how to deal with problems and assure that you make your decisions carefully. As an agent of change, I am trained to help you sort through possibilities to find the best solution for YOU.

  4. And finally, a coach is impartial.  Many of us have wonderful relationships with family and friends, but each one of those people brings his or her personal bias to your goal. As your coach, I am trained to set my own opinions aside - to stay with the facts and to keep the focus on what YOU want.  This creates the greatest environment for success.

I hope this brief overview of a very unique profession has helped you learn about coaching, and will inspire you to think about your personal and business goals in a new way.  I invite you to use the form on the right to schedule your complimentary coaching session today.


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