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Just released on Amazon, Successful Life Story Transformations is a compilation of case studies using the  ROADMAP® System to understand and deconstruct stories and to generate new ones integrating psychology, neuroscience, and behavioral economics with strategic coaching to transform mind, brain, and behavior. Unique in its scope and depth, it incorporates the art and neuroscience of creating changes that last.

Life Story Book Cover

Table of Contents

I.   Money Story ROADMAP
     New Money Story® ROADMAP Case Studies

II.  New Career Story
      New Career Story ROADMAP Case Studies

III. New Wellness Story®
     New Wellness Story® ROADMAP Case Studies

IV. New Relationship Story
     New Relationship Story ROADMAP Case Studies

V.  New Life Story®
     New Life Story® ROADMAP Case Studies

The case summaries in this book are from professional Mentor Coaches, trained and certified by Dr. David Krueger, as Licensed, Specialty-Certified New Life Story® Coaches and New Money Story® Mentors.

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