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During my successful 25 year career in Information Technology as a Project Manager, I have witnessed how bringing subtle amounts of organization to an environment can positively impact the people inhabiting the space. When your work environment is disorganized, it’s a tremendous drain of mental energy. There’s something about having clarity and control over all the loose ends that makes a person feel confident to handle situations.

I soon learned the same effect could be achieved by organizing one’s efforts around a central purpose, identifying goals and objectives to drive a person’s daily activities. I have excelled in my ability to draw a client into meaningful conversations about their desired outcomes and coaching is a natural means to use that talent. Within months, I have established a thriving coaching practice nationwide.

As an author, speaker, and certified facilitator, I continue to provide one-to-one coaching, as well as group coaching for people around the world.  If you would like to partner with me in a great coaching experience, I invite you to use the form on the right to schedule your complimentary coaching session today.

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"Oh, Shift for Teens was an excellent program for my daughter!  From the very first session, I saw a positive change in her attitude.  Blinders were removed and my daughter began seeing situations differently and the role she played in them.  I highly recommend this program to other teens.  I wish 'Oh, Shift' had an extended program!"        - Sherri