Oh, shift for Teens!

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Meeting National Common Core Standards of education in the areas of Reading, Writing, Speaking & Listening, and Language,  Oh, Shift!™ for Teens is a character development program that facilitates a deeper learning of life changing principles and concepts which can be applied in everyday life, leading to:

  • Higher respect for themselves and others
  • Stronger commitment to goal-oriented processes
    • Benefits of graduation
    • Job performance ratings
  • A deeper understanding of their own identity
  • Greater control of social pressures surrounding latest styles and technology trends


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"Oh, Shift for Teens was an excellent program for my daughter!  From the very first session, I saw a positive change in her attitude.  Blinders were removed and my daughter began seeing situations differently and the role she played in them.  I highly recommend this program to other teens.  I wish 'Oh, Shift' had an extended program!"        - Sherri