How We Help Kids

Oh, Shift! for Teens


 Empowering young people to make positive choices that help them reach their goals and see real substantial changes in their lives. 

 Specifically designed for after-school and at-risk youth programs, the Oh, shift! for Teens Workshop will boost teens' self-esteem, enhance their decision making skills, and show them how to deal with stress and peer-pressure. 

Kids love the catchy title and language supporting immediate teen buy-in, making them more engaged. 

Self Mastery Technology


 Set your child on the fast-track to a happy, rewarding life with dozens of sessions designed for developing positive life skills, healthy habits, and self-reliance. 

Plus, find out how you can get the exclusive Wake-Up and Go-to-Sleep programs to help your child wind down and fall asleep easily, stay asleep throughout the night, and start each day with a mind that’s ready for learning and adventure. 



 CATCH, the "Coordinated Approach to Child Health", is changing the lives of children around the globe. 

By uniting multiple players in a child’s life to create a community of health, CATCH is proven to prevent childhood obesity and supported by 25 years and 120 academic papers indicating as much as 11% decrease in overweight and obesity. 

Adventures in Wisdom


 Kids love a good story…and when it’s used to teach a lesson, we remember the lesson as well! 

One of the things that makes Adventures in Wisdom™ so unique is that each skill is taught through a fun short story by a character mentor named “Wyatt the Wise Wizard”.

Through these stories, kids get to see and learn skills in action and how the skills are used to deal with bullying, lying, low self-esteem, and being disrespectful to name a few. 

ACE that Test


 From the developer of Adventures in Wisdom comes "ACE IT!"

Learning how to learn and learning how to perform under pressure doesn’t come naturally for the vast majority of students.  However, these are skills that kids can learn, so that they are confident and prepared on test day.

And mindset training and brain science are the key!