Live a New Life Story - Complete Curriculum

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Work through all 12 topics creating new experiences as you change neural pathways and networks in the brain, while altering neurotransmitters and gene expression. In plain language, when we change our minds, we change our brains. Both developmental psychology and neuroscience validate the power of a new story. 

Live a New Life Story

Transform Your Life

Join me in this unique and effective system that blends the insights of psychology, dynamic neuroscience, and the principles of strategic coaching to help you create a new life and wellness story.  This program helps transform your life and wellness story using the 7-Step template for change known as the ROADMAP® protocol.   Through the art and science of dynamic success strategies, Mind over Matters, learn a guided master plan with strategic action steps to write the next chapters of a life or wellness story.  This journey is a process of 28 sessions and longer, with individual clients or groups, workshops, and seminars on topics including: New Money Story, New Relationship Story, New Career Story, New Wellness Story, Mastering States of Mind, and Evolving New Mindsets.

What to Expect

This curriculum applies new research from psychology, neuroscience, and quantum physics with strategic coaching to implement changes of belief, behavior, and performance while discovering the powerful impact of understanding and regulating states of mind, and how to access states of mind for optimum success.

Your Training

Delivered through a convenient Teleseminar format or in-person sessions, this training delivers the fundamental skills you need to help  evolve your mindset to write a new wellness story.  The topics included are:

  • The Power of Story
  • Assessing and Owning Your Story
  • Deciding What to Change
  • Mapping Changes
  • Authoring New Experiences
  • Mastering States of Mind
  • Advancing the Plot
  • Your New Money Story
  • Your New Career Story
  • Your New Relationship Story
  • Your New Success Story
  • Your New Wellness Story

These topics are delivered as a complete training and development package.  However, for a deeper dive, each topic can be delivered separately to focus on specific improvement.


Live a New Life Story - Individual Track

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For a deeper dive into a specific improvement, purchase individual tracks for focused training and development.