Get Your Shift Together!

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 Are you ready to make concrete changes and create for yourself more joy, peace, love, success, freedom, health, or wealth? 


Do you want a super-powerful workshop that will rock your world and help you create a substantial shift in your life?

You Are NOT Alone!

I’ve had so many clients just like you ask for help creating shift in their lives. So, in response to the overwhelming need, I’ll be presenting the biggest and best principles of the best-selling book Oh, Shift! in an amazing tele-class to help YOU implement shift in your life.

I will personally teach, coach, and guide you to create the shift in your life you most need right now.

Are You Ready To Get Your Shift Together???

Well, get your game face on because in these six one-hour tele-sessions you’re going to:

⇒  DO the victory dance

⇒  EXPLORE flow and how to live in it

⇒  LEARN simple tools to create instant shift that sticks

⇒  IDENTIFY the exact f’in obstacles that keep you stuck

⇒  DISCOVER how much freakin’ power you have…then use it

⇒  USE the f’in shift to take control of your life, work, health, and relationships

⇒  UNDERSTAND why you resist making the positive changes you want so badly

Each session is packed with exercises, discussion, reflection and even some coaching from me!

I will be supporting you and cheering you on all the way!

AS A BONUS - You will also walk away with a FREE 24-page personal workbook you can use to reflect on again and again as you continue to shift.  Saa-weeet!

I promise, this work will challenge you, move you, and get you closer to what you want in your life, business, health, and/or relationships.

Guaranteed. Or your money back.

If you miss a call, no worries! They will all be recorded, and you’ll receive the MP3 files so you can listen.

Just attend each tele-class prepared with the specific area of your life you want to create a positive change in and a willingness to dig deep. Then let me help you get totally shift-faced!

DON’T MISS this six-part, life-changing tele-class!!!