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I can’t tell you how excited I am to tell you about our all-new service that may help you transform your life, achieve any goal, and accelerate your success effortlessly! It’s called BrainTap Technology and believe me when I tell you, it’s the most sophisticated (yet simple) personal improvement system I’ve ever witnessed. 

This technology is developed from the research of the world’s leading universities. It’s safe, proven, and requires virtually no effort on your part. I’ll tell you all about the technology in a moment,  but first I want to share the story that inspired me to learn more...

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"Not only did I lose 170 lbs, I’ve kept it off for 5 years!"

  "I started the using the BrainTap headset and audio library as my New Year’s resolution. Instantly, I slept better at night and my habits started changing. I drank a lot more water without thinking about it. I’d go to the fridge and automatically be drawn to the fruits and vegetables. I lost weight like crazy that first year. I’m living proof that this isn’t just another fad diet that won’t last; I’ve been able to reprogram my brain so the way I look at food and the way I look at life are different. My weight dropped from an obese 350 lbs to an athletic 180. That’s 9 pant sizes! I’m confident I’m going to keep my weight off for good. It’s not just that the products offered by BrainTap Technologies work; it’s the only thing that worked for me."

~ Randy Clusiau

Toronto, Canada 

Can you imagine drinking more water without thinking about it? . . . or being automatically drawn to fruits and vegetables the way Randy is?


Well, research shows evidence that Randy’s experience was not a fluke. In a study published in Psychology and Health, 177 students were asked to set the goal of consuming more fruit. All the students ended up eating more fruit, but those who visualized how they were going to carry it out increased their fruit consumption twice as much as those who didn’t use visualization.


These visualization techniques are borrowed from sports psychology. According to one researcher, “Athletes do lots of work mentally rehearsing their performances before competing and it's often very successful. So we thought having people mentally rehearse how they were going to buy and eat their fruit should make it more likely that they would actually do it. And this is exactly what happened."

What if you could do that? And feel as confident about your success as Randy did? 

Well, now you can get the very same system, and a genuine opportunity to get the very same results, as Randy did!


What is the BrainTap Headset and the BrainTap Library?

The BrainTap Headset delivers gentle pulses of light and sound combined with visualization, guided imagery and soothing music in the BrainTap Library of audio sessions to take you to the profound levels of relaxation known for focus, learning, achievement and healing. How well does it work?


Well, one study, using blood analysis before and after relaxation sessions using flash emitting goggles showed an average increase of beta-endorphin levels of 25% and serotonin levels of 21%. Beta-endorphins are produced by the pituitary gland and are known to have greater analgesic (pain-relieving) potency than morphine, and serotonin is a naturally occurring chemical in the brain that is responsible, in part, for regulating brain functions such as mood, appetite, sleep, and memory.


BrainTap is a fresh approach for calming emotional eating and changing the habits and behaviors that caused your weight problem in the first place. In another study on binge eating, researchers used similar guided imagery techniques to those used in the BrainTap library. The imagery group had a mean 74% reduction in bingeing. The imagery treatment also demonstrated improvement on measures of attitude concerning eating, dieting and body weight in comparison to the control group.


So you see, when it comes to weight-loss, BrainTap Technology may finally free you from emotional eating, cravings, and stress eating. It’s designed to help you develop a positive self-image, give you more confidence, and make decision-making easier...everything you need to achieve life-long success!


And these are just a few of the reasons BrainTap is becoming so popular that, according to Dr. Porter, hundreds of thousands of North Americans are now taking advantage of its benefits daily.


What do I love most about BrainTap? It’s so simple to use! You just put on the BrainTap Headset, then kick back and experience deep relaxation and body/mind rejuvenation. It’s a 20-minute light & sound show you’re going to love!  


Just the facts


Using the BrainTap Headset... as safe and easy as falling asleep at night.  

A twenty-minute BrainTap session...

 ...increases blood flow to the brain, and better blood flow can create clearer thinking, better concentration, improved memory and enhanced creativity. 

Using the BrainTap Headset...

  ...produces the relaxation response, a state known to improve brain chemistry by increasing serotonin and many of the other beta-endorphins that help you feel calm, balanced, focused, happy and alert. 

People who use the BrainTap Headset... better sleep, feeling more energetic and optimistic and enjoy an overall sense of wellbeing.  

People who practice the techniques...

...contained in the BrainTap Library of audio sessions tend to have a clearer sense of purpose and develop a better ability to manage stress.  

Brain-based wellness expert, Patrick K. Porter, PhD, has spent decades perfecting this brainwave technology. Thousands of people have used the system and received astounding results. In fact, we estimate that 100,000 people listen to Dr. Porter’s BrainTap Technology audio-sessions every day! 

But don't just take my word for it...

“I Kicked My Smoking Habit Without Withdrawals!”

“I started smoking when I was a teenager. I tried to quit cold turkey and, when that didn’t work, I tried weaning myself off. I’d have horrible mood swings and suffer intense cravings, especially around other smokers. When I started gaining weight, I’d cave. Once I met the creator of SMT, Dr. Patrick Porter, everything changed. Dr. Porter showed me how to kick my habit without withdrawals. Not only did I not have mood swings, I felt empowered. He taught me how to use SMT to become a nonsmoker for life!”

~ John Conkle, Musician

“Helps Golfers Get the Crucial Mental Practice They Need”

 “Golfers are known for losing their temper, overanalyzing, and second-guessing their club selection. Without mental focus, most people tend to quickly revert to old swing faults. Dr. Porter’s SMT program helps golfers get the crucial mental practice they need. It can also replace many of the repetitions needed at a golf driving range, saving them money and time. I’ve seen Dr. Porter’s SMT program help dozens of golfers gain mental control, which translates to lower golf scores.”

~ Bobby Lopez, PGA Professional & ESPN Radio Host 

" Instant Relaxation and Deep Sleep!"

 "Night after night I would lie awake in bed tossing and turning. Then I discovered SMT and everything changed. Before I knew it, I was falling asleep easily and staying asleep. Thanks to SMT, I reach deeply relaxed states instantly and am experiencing the benefits daily."

~ Annette Fritz, Danville, CA

"Overcame Fear of Public Speaking"

"My name is Dr. Boris Nektalov and I’m from Queens, New York. I started using BrainTap technology for myself about 6 months ago. I was not able to speak in front of a group of people, so I tried using BrainTap. After only two or three sessions, I was able to speak in front of ten, 20, 30 people without any problem. This has transformed the way I am able to speak now. BrainTap relaxes you and trains your brain to get to a positive state. I have a patient who had been unable to pass by a plate of French fries. After listening to one BrainTap session, he told me: “ Whatever that machine is, it works. I was able to not eat French fries.” This is why I tell people to try BrainTap for themselves and they’ll see how great it works."

~ Dr. Boris Nektalov, Queens NY

"BrainTap Technology is Limitless!"

"I wanted to share a personal experience that might help others in a similar situation. Last Friday I had to have a PET scan and I am a bit claustrophobic. I stopped by the facility a few days before my scan to check out the tube size and length of time the test would take. I did not want to take any meds to get through that procedure, so I asked if I could use my phone and ear buds and they said yes! I had a 27 minute full-body scan and listened to the 23 minute Health and Wellbeing on Your Journey program. It was the smoothest 27 minutes ever, especially for being loaded up with radioactive something or other, being claustrophobic and slid through a tube! Dr Porter, your voice and programming excels in so many ways. The value of your technology is limitless! THANK YOU is not enough."

~ Lisa H Sprague, Naples FL

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I have thoroughly researched and reviewed the technology and methods used in the BrainTap Technology programs and I’m confident it will make our services more effective than ever before. Best of all, you can receive these kinds of results at a surprisingly affordable rate. 


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